Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting

Qualifying for Long-term Care Insurance is quite different from other life and health insurance underwriting. And like all insurance - you have to buy it before you need it. If you have a lot of medical issues...well, have you ever known anyone who could buy house insurance when their house was on fire?

A few of the unique factors that the underwriters consider are:

  • Your medical history - which may indicate a need down the road for care. (examples; osteoporosis, fractures, falls)
  • Do you have multiple Prescription medications?
  • Current physical therapy. Example frequent visits to the Chiropractor or Physio Therapist
  • Your chronological age versus your physiological age. There may be significant differences. You may appear younger or older than your actual age.
  • Your functional capacity. Are you able to perform the activities of daily living such as shopping, laundry, meal preparation, managing finances?
  • Participating in hobbies, activities, or sports
  • Are you able to drive?
  • Are you mentally sharp? Example; can you count backwards from 100 by 7s?
These are some of the issues that the underwriter looks at.

People often wonder at what age should one purchase long-term care insurance.

My advice is the earlier the better, as the younger you are, the better your chances to successfully qualify for the insurance.

Tips on Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

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