Life Insurance Dispute Litigation

When you are applying for life insurance, you are bound to disclose all material facts to the Insurance Company.

The Insurance Company has the right to rely on what the potential insured tells them as the truth.

For example; An insured man died in an ultra-light plane he had been flying. His insurance coverage was denied, although the coverage had been in effect for more than 2 years, as the insured had not declared his flying activities.

With Mortgage Insurance, you run the greatest risk of your insurance claim being denied.

The Mortgage insurance questionnaire consists of short questions about your medical history. If you answered any of those questions incorrectly (which could easily happen not knowingly) you may have put your insurance in jeopardy. If you later die, the insurance may NOT pay out.

Mortgage insurance is purchased from your bank or mortgage broker at the time of arranging your mortgage. Your mortgage person is seldom an licensed insurance agent. And the questionnaire, being so simple, leaves itself open to interpertation.

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